How will my windows benefit from the BRILA Window Coating system?

BRILA Window Coating is a highly durable (1 year warranty) coat which directly forms a chemical bond between fluorine and glass without binders, whilst also creating a long-lasting water-repellency. In addition, fluorine has anti-fouling capabilities by the means of water-repellency and oil-repellency. It prevents the adhesion of dirt, insects, pollen, yellow sand and also enabling the removal of snow and frost in the winter. BRILA Window Coating has a water contact angle of 110º, which enables a clearer field of vision which is maintained in torrential rain. Our testings have shown that running water has a contact angle of 17º – water moves effortlessly on the newly coated surface, thus allowing the driver to have minimal use of the windscreen wipers. BRILA Graphite coating is applied on the wiper rubber to avoid judder.