5 year warranty.
Protect and maintain the integrity of the vehicle’s intended finish.
Strong Repellence
Water forms droplets.
Ultra Violet
Protection for 5 years.
Water Reduction
Minimizing water usage and easy to clean.
Protection From Environmental Abrasions
Acidic bird droppings, bat droppings, tree sap and bug splatters.

BRILA EDITION Body Glass Coating

An advanced body coating engineered to solve both the retention of glossy, flat, satin and matte-finish paintwork. Showing off a non-reflective deeper darker sheen on vehicles that diffuse light or a showroom gloss depending on the coating’s purpose.

The inorganic glass coating covers the entire body. Its reimagined dual layer hybrid structure is similar to our Premium Body Glass Coating.

BRILA Edition is specifically formulated not to increase the surface’s gloss rating and retain clarity on matte paintwork. However, the coating system can be used to coat vehicles with a glossy finish producing a showroom shine.