Strong Repellence
Water forms droplets.
Strong Resistance
Triple Layer.
Experience our envious body coating shine, that is our smoothest yet.
Ultra Violet
Protection for 5 years.
Water Reduction
Minimizing water usage and easy to clean.
Protection From Environmental Abrasions
Acidic bird droppings, bat droppings, tree sap and bug splatters.

BRILA Exclusive Body Glass Coating

The inorganic glass coating covers the entire body. Its triple layer structure protects the paintwork and provides a more refined showroom shine to accentuate the body’s silhouette that is more lustrous than our Premium Body Coating.

This highly anticipated coating has been created to allow automotive and detailing fanatics to experience our thoroughly researched and developed artisan enabling product. This allows for our skilled detailers to show off their work and reveal their masterpiece.